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Chris Griffiths (ThinkBuzan) at Biggerplate Unplugged

First of the keynote speakers at Biggerplate Unplugged in London was Chris Griffiths, CEO of ThinkBuzan. Chris gave us a fascinating insight into the origins of the highly successful iMindMap software, and talked with great passion about building upon the extensive and far-reaching work of Tony Buzan.

The audience listened intently as Chris outlined some of the early challenges he faced in getting support for his mind mapping software idea, and the strength of conviction that led him to start all over again in the pursuit of a more organic style of mind mapping software. Chris also read a very kind letter from Tony Buzan, which thanked the Biggerplate team for hosting such an unprecedented gathering of mappers, and encouraged attendees to remember the importance of the mapping process whilst enjoying the advances in technology enabled mapping.

Enjoy the full presentation in the video below, and please leave your thoughts and comments below!

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