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Chance Brown to speak at Biggerplate Unplugged!

We're delighted to announce Chance Brown ( as the first of our speakers for the next Biggerplate Unplugged mind map conference taking place in San Francisco on 20 March 2014!

We're thrilled to be welcoming Chance, who will be speaking about the use of mind mapping software for dynamic information management. Chance brings a unique dual-perspective to the event, as he is not only a hugely respected mind mapping blogger at, but is also Training and OD Operations Manager within the SPX Corporation, a Fortune 500 company headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. Chance is also a long time member and supporter of Biggerplate, and has shared over 50 mind maps with our community! We are very excited to have Chance joining us in San Francisco, and asked him a few questions about his involvement in the next BPUN event...

What are you going to discuss in your presentation at Biggerplate Unplugged?

In my talk I’ll explore how you can leverage mind mapping software as a dynamic information management tool. Though mind mapping software is great for organizing ideas spatially, with the advancements of the tool over the last couple of years, it is now a powerful tool for managing your files, folders, and links (both website links and map links). Unlike Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer that confine you to saving and retrieving content in a hierarchical linear structure, maps allow you to customize the saving and retrieving of content in a dynamic spatial format.

What is your own experience of mind mapping, and why choose this topic to talk about?

Well, I’ve been using mind mapping software since 2000. Over that time, I’ve seen the software go from largely an extension of hand-drawn mind maps to a powerful information management tool. Additionally, as the software has gotten better, I’ve integrated the software personally into all my work processes as well as shared maps internally at my company and more broadly to the mind mapping community via and my blog.

What are you most looking forward to about the event?

I’m really looking forward to seeing how others are using mind mapping software both in their work and personal lives!

To join Chance, the Biggerplate team, and a host of mind map users and experts, be sure to book your ticket soon for Biggerplate Unplugged San Francisco! We'll see you there!

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