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Career Planning with Mind Maps

Are you in the process of planning a job move, or an entirely new career? Struggling to keep track of all your job hunting activities and information? Mind Mapping can help...!

Join our Business Club webinar on 27th June to get some tips on how mind mapping can be used to assist with assessing your current career position, planning your next move, and managing the job hunting process. View registration information


Drawing on simple templates and example mind maps, and insights from our global community, this webinar will explore 3 key processes that can help you navigate your next job move or career change:

1. How to assess your current position

Building out a simple mind map to take stock of your current situation can be an invaluable process to go through before launching your job search or career move. Getting clear on your starting point can save you valuable time later, by playing to your strengths, and ensuring you are clear about the direction you want to move in, and the long term goals that you are hoping to achieve.

2. CV/Resume planning

Building on the first step, we'll explore how a mind map can be used to identify, refine, and clarify the key information that you might then write into your CV/Resume.

3. Managing the job hunt

Job hunting can be a stressful, and hard-to-manage process, with numerous companies, job sites, application processes, and other information to keep track of. Mind mapping can help you maintain a single source of key information, so that you can more easily navigate your way through the opportunities that you are pursuing, and ensure you can keep multiple options moving forward to their logical conclusion (getting the job of your dreams, obviously...).

How to Register

To register for this webinar, you will need to have a Biggerplate Business Club membership. Business Club membership costs just $29.99 per year, and gives you access to a range of live webinars, and an ever-growing archive of on-demand webinars and additional content to help you get maximum value from mind mapping tools and techniques. Join today!


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