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My first month as the Biggerplate French Community Manager

Bonjour! My name is Ruth and I have just started as the new French Community Manager at While I am not native French, aside from chocolate, cake, running and mind maps (bien sûr!), French is one of my passions in life and I have just about mastered the French language over the past few years. I studied French and Linguistics at University, I have spent a couple of years living and working in Paris and travelling around France with French families, and I have just finished my MA in Translation and Interpreting with French. I was delighted when I came across the role of French Community Manager because I am constantly seeking ways to engage with communities, especially in French! I am excited to learn about business development, marketing and community engagement through working at, and without a doubt I am eager to explore and develop mind maps of my own during the process.

Mind mapping for me is not something new. I started to create my own revision posters by hand using mind maps for my GCSE's, and subsequently all exams following this. Including at Masters level! It just goes to show that mindmapping can be used at any moment in life and at any age!

Mind mapping software, however, is something new for me. Even though I like to organise my thoughts and plans on paper (I think I am the only one in my friendship group who still uses a Filofax!), I know that using software would help me to organise my ideas better and it is much easier to edit and re­organise a mind map to make it more structured and less messy using software.

I first witnessed use of mind mapping software at one of Biggerplate's workshops, called Mind Mapping for Business Productivity. It was interesting to learn how businesses can integrate their work within the context of mindmapping software. It wasn't until this workshop that I realised that mind maps can be used for so much more than education alone.

The workshop was held in the main office in Tackley, and including myself there were 6 attendees from different places and with different jobs. At the end of the workshop we each agreed that we had learned something valuable from the day which we could then transfer into our working environment. As mentioned, the particular focus of the workshop was around productivity and how progress within a business environment can lead to this productivity. Interestingly, some participants were already very familiar with mind mapping and incorporated it into their business already, whereas for others the concept was very new.

I think it goes without saying that as humans, as busy humans moreover, we often stress about what is unfinished. What the workshop taught me is that using mind mapping software can really help us to monitor and review what we have done, what we are currently doing, and what needs to be done. We can be pleased with our progress, but equally see that life is no longer linear, and so even unfinished business can be aligned with business plans and strategies. We saw that each branch of a mind map can be edited, removed, repositioned, prioritised and reordered easily, helping us to stand back and see the bigger picture. Mind mapping software enables us to hide and filter unnecessary information quickly and easily, enabling swifter, more focused action planning. Developing an action plan using mind mapping software will lead to progression, and thus better business productivity!

So what's next? As well as getting stuck in with Social Media and engaging in as many ways as possible over, I am going to start creating and developing my own mind maps to share. I'm also going to get started on blogging both in French and English, so watch this space! If you have any ideas of what you'd like to read about, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

A la prochaine :)


French Community Manager

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Ruth manages our global mind mapping community: sharing news, stories, and updates! Community Manager de la communauté mondiale des mind mappers; je gère le contenu et marketing !
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