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Business Productivity: 17th May Workshop

Thank you for attending our Mind Mapping for Business Productivity workshop on 17th May in London! We hope you found the session useful, and have already started to experiment with some of the approaches we covered during the day. If you have any follow up questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

On this page you will find links to the maps and templates discussed during the day, and also links to books that were referenced, in case you wanted to check out some of those things too!

Mind maps from the day:

Workshop Overview Mind Map

MindManager Format

iMindMap Format

MindMeister Format

SWOT Analysis Template

MindManager Format

Weekly Planner Template

MindManager Format

Meeting Planner (POST) Template

MindManager Format

Lessons Learned Template

MindManager Format

Project/Client Manager Template

MindManager Format

E-learning Courses

You should have received a unique code to give you free access to our e-learning courses. Simply follow the link below to the relevant course, and enter the code to reduce the price to zero:

iMindMap Course

iThoughts Course

MindManager Course

MindMeister Course

XMind Course

Recommended Reading: Here are some of the books we mentioned during the workshop...

Blackbox Thinking: Looks at how people and organisations can better learn from mistakes, and avoid falling into traps associated with ego and status that prevent effective learning. View details

Gamestorming: A useful book if you facilitate workshop sessions with your team or clients. Full of exercises and ideas to help meetings and workshops extract maximum value. Some good ideas, and some not so good ideas in here, but the key takeaway is the Diverge-Explore-Converge framework that we discussed during our own workshop. View details

Getting Things Done: One of the most popular books on task management and productivity. Author (David Allen) mentioned mind maps as one of the ways to help your task management. View details

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