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Business Club Webinar- Mind Mapping and Time Management

Join us for our next Business Club webinar where we’ll hear from Cartographer and Mind Map trainer at, Hélène Beslard.

Following the success of her excellent French webinar on the same theme, we are delighted to welcome Hélène back for this (English) webinar:
Mind Mapping and Time management.

27th July 2017 4pm (London)

About Hélène

Graduate from the The ISG business school [Institut Superieur de Gestion], teacher, and certified mind map trainer from the Ecole Française Heuristique, Hélène is a mind map trainer for teachers and students.

Mind Mapping and Time Management

For most of us, our days are jam-packed, full and overloaded... sound familiar?

Contrary to what we might think, ‘to-do’ lists sometimes make it even harder for us to get on top of everything- making it impossible to do everything in a given time!

But Hélène stresses the importance of ordering your tasks…

In this exclusive Business Club webinar, Hélène will introduce us to a 'day map'. This daily plan mind map allows you to go further with your time management. Such a map gives you a global view of the things accomplished, and the things we have to carry over to tomorrow, as well as storing all of our important details into one single map.

This mind map doesn’t actually take a lot of time to make- but it allows us to keep in mind what is going on during the day and keep us focused on our aims for the day.

As an indispensable complement to a classic diary, a time management mind map really is an efficient tool!

You need hundreds of mind maps to become an efficient cartographer, which is why this webinar has the answer: kill two birds with one stone by learning how to organise your time and keep track of several mind maps!

Integrate your long term objectives into your daily life with the help of mind maps.

Key takeaways from this webinar:

  • Review your different roles (personal and professional)

  • Define your long term objectives depending on these roles

  • Define your mid-term objectives (throughout the year)

  • Use of mind maps for monthly and weekly planning

  • Presentation of a choice of tools: how to integrate mind maps into your agenda (post-it notes, notebook, suggested mobile phone apps)

  • How to establish your priorities on your daily maps (urgent vs important)

Join this webinar to understand how you can set yourself time to plan and stay on top of your life!

So register now for this interesting webinar- as a listener on her French webinar I can confirm that it will be an excellent webinar, not to be missed! Sign up here!

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