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Buongiorno Brunch Club Milano!

Che bello!

Last week we hosted our first Brunch Club in Italy, in the wonderful city of Milan. The event was a huge success, and it's safe to say that, we love the Italians!

We were fortunate enough to be hosted by the dynamic duo Marco Ossani and Gian Carlo Manzoni , in their e-consultant training room- where a lot of mind mapping happens! We had a great turnout and of course, delicious catering! (The Italians know food!)

Considering it was the first of our Italian events, we were impressed by the turnout and the discussions generated through presentations from both Biggerplate and also one of our Italian members, Marco Ossani.

What was really valuable for us, particularly in knowing how to shape regional strategy in Italy, was hearing our Italian community's thoughts on why Mind Mapping is still a fairly isolated topic in Italy. We discussed the challenges faced in Italy around Mind Mapping and how Biggerplate can help to overcome these challenges. Download the Mind Map to see these challenges!

It would seem that the Italians are almost afraid of Mind Mapping and sharing their knowledge with the rest of the world. Some said they feel alone in their Mind Mapping journey and would like to see more events across Italy to engage more of the Italian Mind Mapping Community. It was also apparent that the language barrier is a challenge for the Italians- apparently English is not, contrary to what you might thing, one of their strongest assets. These are things which Biggerplate will try to overcome. We want Italy to step out of their individualistic mindset about mapping, and put themselves out there!

We decided to go to Milan for our Brunch Club based on the increase in traffic we are seeing from the Italian community. We believe that Italy could be an area of growth for us and we want to help to build up the Mind Mapping Community in Italy. Being in the top 10 of the countries from where we get the most traffic, and with the enthusiasm of Marco Ossani, Milan seemed like a good place to start!

Our attendees want to see more Italian Maps and resources on the Biggerplate website, and they were certainly keen for more Mind Mapping Networking Events across Italy. If you speak Italian, or know of anyone else who does, we encourage you to share some maps in Italian on to Biggerplate. We already had 3 Italian Mind Maps uploaded on to Biggerplate by Monday morning!

We aim to create an opportunity for networking, learning and knowledge sharing from these Brunch Clubs, and we feel confident in saying that we have come away from Milan having accomplished all of these things.

Thanks to all of the cooperation and enthusiasm from our Italian members! We look forward to going back across to Italy in the future. Do you think Pizza is an acceptable Brunch food...?

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