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Building Effective Professional Learning- Business Club webinar

We are delighted to welcome Jeffrey Ritter as a guest speaker for our exclusive Business Club webinar tomorrow!

Building Effective Professional Learning

Wednesday 31st May 2017

12pm (San Fransisco)

8pm (UK)

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He'll be speaking to us about instructional design and mind mapping visualization within the context of building effective professional learning.

Professional learning faces two big challenges:

First, the learning must be efficient, valuing the time of the professional who is doing the learning.

Second, the new knowledge has to be integrated into the tools and processes that are already in use. So often, learning artefacts (notebooks, handouts, slide decks) are quickly forgotten or tossed away.

This Business Club presentation showcases how both challenges can be conquered by integrating the best practices of instructional design and mind mapping visualization. Those attending will learn:

  • How to create powerful templates for structuring professional learning, templates now used in two of the world's best university graduate programs.
  • How to design mind maps so that learners can use on their job the same mind maps with which they learn.

About Jeffrey Ritter:

Jeffrey Ritter is a visiting fellow at Kellogg College, University of Oxford, and an external lecturer at Johns Hopkins University, Whiting School of Engineering and the Department of Computer Science at Oxford. An active user and innovator working with mind mapping since 2005, he not only teaches complex graduate courses in information governance and privacy engineering "in map", but now has begun to require his students to submit their assignments "in map".

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Replays of all of our Business Club webinars are available in our archive 24 hours after each presentation for our Business Club members, although we encourage you to participate in as many webinars as possible to get the most out of asking your questions!

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