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Brunching across Europe!

Hello! Bonjour! Hallo!

Wow, it has been a week since our adventure across Europe; hosting three (!) Brunch Clubs in London, Paris and Brussels in one week, and what a week it was! Not only was our event in London the first Brunch Club for this region, but we saw more attendees than ever in all three cities!

So, what have I gained from this week of Brunching? Well, apart from a few pounds ( I consumed half of Europe's croissant supply) , the week was also filled with insights into the mind mapping communities across Europe and bigger projects to come. I met some fantastic people, eager to collaborate and share ideas about mind mapping and Biggerplate.

We kicked off in London with a great turn out and some interesting discussion points. While the meeting was perhaps not as well focused as our European Brunch Clubs, for the first event in London we did meet some interesting people with innovative ideas and we hope to develop the experiences we had into something more elaborate for future Brunch Clubs. It was great to and discover more about mind mappers in London. We were able to focus on mind mapping in Business, which gave us a good standing point for our E-learning courses, which are proving quite popular at the moment. We hope to get some more workshops up and running this year to really get ourselves integrated with our Business communities.

Moving across the Channel to Paris and Brussels meant that I could step in and work my French magic a little. One of our Members, Pascal Bernardon, has recently uploaded a mind map about the event, so have a look!

While all of the Brunch Clubs were held in English, a theme which was particularly common in both Paris and Brussels was the enthusiasm to create private language-specific Facebook groups for discussion, moving away from our current LinkedIn groups. The aim of these groups being for members of Biggerplate to discuss anything to do with the mind map library and community, the future development of the site, and any potential improvements/ideas. In light of this idea, we have recently launched our first Facebook group for the French Speaking Community- check it out ! We hope that this group will be the start of many Language-specific discussion groups within Biggerplate. (I have already pitched the idea of promoting my title to 'European Community Manager'...Watch this space).

With the Annual Survey results due to come out this week, there was lots to talk about in terms of where Biggerplate stood last year and what is to come for this year. It is safe to say that everyone who attended was eager to see more Brunch Club gatherings across the year, with 'one every quarter' being the most desirable time frame. We're excited at the thought of developing regular Brunch Clubs across all European Cities! We hope to see you at our next one!

A key outcome for me was getting to know the members of our European Communities, putting some Biggerplate Member and Twitter names to faces and understanding how important it is to connect with our mind mapping Community across a wide range of collaborations and ideas. I look forward to the next Brunch Club meeting, but I'd better go and run off some of those pastries in the meantime...

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