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Brunch Clubs May 2016

A few weeks ago, we welcomed our European Members in Brussels and Paris for recent Brunch Club meetings. There were old faces and new, and once again enough croissants to feed all of Biggerplate's members (did we mention we now have over 100,000...?!).

We were very pleased with the discussions and ideas shared, and we saw two great presentations from members Alexis Van Espen and Anthony Wimmer- who has just recently uploaded his first maps onto Biggerplate! Alexis showed us how he uses mind maps for keeping a journal, calendar and for taking notes, while Anthony shared with us how he uses mind maps in his job to encourage his team members in both reflection and organisation. You can read about their presentations on our past and future blog posts.

The main topic of discussion at both Brunch Clubs was where to host the next BPUN 2017. Originally we had planned to have the next European Unplugged Conference in Brussels, but after much debate and deliberation we are pleased to announce that Paris came out as the winner for the next BPUN 2017. This was mainly, amongst other things, due to geographic location, our strong member community, as well as the success of the previous BPUN Paris in 2013 in which we saw a great turnout and fantastic discussions and sharing of ideas. As French Community Manager, I for one am super excited for BPUN to be held in Paris !

Next on the agenda was the future of our Brunch Clubs. Generally, we found that our participants like the timing of the meeting, and were satisfied with the content and structure. Regarding the size of the Brunch Clubs, our participants in Brussels seemed content with smaller gatherings whereas the Paris attendees were keen to expand the size of the meetings and to have more presentations from members. We are looking at our options for both scenarios, but our main goal for the next set of Brunch Clubs, due to be held in October, is the LOCATION.

We owe a huge thank you to the team at Signos for providing us with a great space for Brunching over the years, but in a few weeks they will no longer have their base in central Paris. While it is great news for them (they have bought their own office space!), we at Biggerplate now need to find a new suitable venue for the next Brunch Club and possible workshops...

That's right, we are looking to bring our workshops across the pond and into Europe ! Watch this space.

Similarly, while wandering around Brussels, aside from Brunching (and let's face it, drinking beer) we stumbled across a great space which we though would make a great venue for our Brussels events- should we wish to expand the Brunch Clubs or as a potential venue for upcoming workshops in Belgium.

Overall, we gained a lot of important insight from our Brunch Clubs, which is of course, why we value these meetings so much. As always, our participants were full of energy, enthusiasm, ideas and suggestions, which really helps us in shaping the future of our mind mapping community- so thank you very much !

We're off to New York soon, too, for our FIRST Brunch Club in New York ! Muffins all round !

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