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Brunch Club Milan !

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that's.... Biggerplate Brunch Club Milan!

We are very excited to announce that we will be holding a Brunch Club for our Italian community for the first time, in the wonderful city of Milan !

Reservation is now open for the Biggerplate Brunch Club in Milan, so get your tickets booked now!

Hosting a Brunch Club in Milan has been in the pipeline for us for a long time, but now we can finally say that we are all set to go to the land of pizza and pasta for real!

We are lucky enough to have one of our long-term supporters on board with us for the event. The event will be held at the eConsultant head quarters in Milan, where Marco Ossani will give us a big Italian welcome. The Brunch Club meeting will still be as usual: there will still be croissants , good cappucinos (Italian's know how to do coffee, so I am told...), motivational speakers, and awesome people there, only this time, we'll be in Milan!

On the agenda for the next Brunch club will be our Unplugged Conference, Biggerplate Business Club information, updates on, e-learning news and of course many enriching discussions about the adoption of mind mapping across Italy.

We look forward to seeing you there :-)

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