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BPUN16: Draw Your Big Ideas

Today, we revisit Nora Herting's fascinating, engaging and creative presentation and workshop, given at our recent Unplugged Conference in New York!

ImageThink co-founder Nora delved into the human brain to illustrate why drawing makes you smarter, more effective, and more creative in the workplace. In her extended workshop session, Nora challenged our delegates to think and work more visually... following in the footsteps of presidents to achieve greater clarity and creativity by drawing your big ideas!

Nora's colleagues from ImageThink were also present at the conference to graphically record the day's presentations, producing stunning visual representations of the points and ideas raised throughout the event.

Nora's terrific presentation and workshop, along with the fabulous graphic boards produced by her team, represented a first for the Unplugged Conferences as the scope of the event expanded beyond the pure remit of mind mapping alone, and looked at other ways of working and thinking visually.

So popular has the ImageThink approach been that Nora and co-founder Heather Willems have written a book full of guidance and drawing exercises tailored to brainstorming, refining, and executing ideas in the home, design studio, and office. Click here to pre-order the book from Amazon!

You can watch Nora's presentation, along with all the other great talks from the day, by clicking here.

Click here to see the photos from the day, including the graphic recording boards created by the ImageThink team!

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