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Boeing joins Biggerplate Unplugged 2016

Need another reason to join the Annual Mind Map Conference in New York? Well how about this: We're thrilled to confirm that our friend Larry Wolfe from Boeing will be speaking about his experience of using and spreading mind mapping within the organisation!

Larry is a Test Engineer at Boeing, and an active participant in the self-organised mind mapping user group within the Boeing organisation. Larry joined our last US conference in San Francisco as a delegate, and this time returns as a speaker!

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We asked Larry about his impending return for a second dose of Biggerplate Unplugged, and what he was looking forward to at #BPUN16...


What excites you about joining Biggerplate Unplugged in New York?

A chance to meet and share best practices in Mind Mapping with experienced practitioners face-to-face.

Can you give us an idea of what you'll be presenting about at the conference?

A brief review of my experiences on using, supporting and training Mind Mapping users at Boeing and in particular MindManager users.

Why would you encourage other mind map users to join the conference?

Biggerplate Unplugged San Francisco was a great learning experience where I actually walked away with useable tips and information that I continue to apply today. It really improved my application of mind mapping tools to everyday activities at home and work. Mind Mapping has become part of my daily life and Biggerplate Unplugged is an excellent opportunity to continue to learn and share.

What one topic would you most like to see discussed at the New York conference?

Applied Mind Mapping by actual industry practitioners.

Join Larry, the Biggerplate Team, and the mind mapping community at Biggerplate Unplugged in New York on 10 March 2016. Discounted tickets available until 31st December! View conference details

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