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Biggerplate Unplugged: Paris

Momentum is a funny thing... once you get it going... it just keeps going!

We're all about momentum at the moment, and we have more projects on the go than ever before at Biggerplate. We're thinking hard, and working harder, and the result is a selection of fantastic projects for the global mind mapping community!

Perhaps most visible at the moment are the Biggerplate Unplugged events, which will be truly unique in bringing together the mind mapping world for a series of conferences around the globe, starting in 2013. Our London conference (31st Jan 2013) is nearly sold out, and we have a fantastic line-up of speakers, as well as an attendee list that reads like a "who's who" of UK (and European) mind mapping experts! If you want to join us in London, and have not yet purchased your ticket, then you'd better act fast, as there are only 18 seats left! If you take an active interest in the mapping world, then this event is not to be missed - it truly is a unique and historic coming together of mind mapping leaders in one place! Book Now>

Across the Channel, I've been working with our French friends to put together the next conference in Paris on March 21st. The optimism, excitement, and growth in the French mind mapping community is really tangible, and now is a great time to bring the community together to share ideas, experience, and expertise. We're having a great time putting the Paris event together, and we recently confirmed our venue, which has moved us forward rapidly!

We'll be gathering at Labo de l'edition, which is a wonderful space for start-up businesses, and should be a great venue for our event! The event will be a great opportunity for French mappers to gather and collaborate, with a number of interactive sessions already planned, in addition to a number of expert presentations.

Want to join us in Paris? Click here for more details, and discounted tickets for early booking.

All in all, it's a great time to be part of Biggerplate, and we're extremely excited to bring these events to the global mapping community. We greatly appreciate the support we have received so far, and we hope you will continue to help us spread the word about these events!

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Barney is Community Manager at Biggerplate and shares user stories, mind mapping tips, and other news and updates from our global member community!
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