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Biggerplate Unplugged - Mind Mapping Mini-Conference!

Have you ever wished for a mind mapping conference, where you could learn from other mappers, hear the perspectives of industry leaders, and share your own ideas and experiences? Have you been longing for a mapping event that treats all software as equal, and takes a wider look at the broader world of mind mapping? Have you ever wondered what all those mappers you follow on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin really look like?

If the answer to any (or all) of these questions is yes, then you are (hopefully) going to be as pleased as we are with the launch of Biggerplate Unplugged - a unique series of mini-conference events in key cities around the world, kicking off in London on the 31st January 2013! (To book your place at the London event, click here)

The Biggerplate Unplugged series aims to bring together mind mapping software users, developers, bloggers, trainers, and experts to explore trends and innovations in the world of mind mapping! Perhaps most importantly, we're coming to you...

The London event is just the start of what will become a regular series of mini-conferences in major cities around the world. Details are still being finalised, but we are currently planning events in a number of cities, in collaboration with local experts who will help us to ensure the event is designed and delivered with the local community in mind!

You can register your interest in the following Unplugged events (for free), to receive advanced notice of tickets going on sale:

  • Paris (Register Interest)
  • Amsterdam (Register Interest)
  • San Francisco (Register Interest)
  • Chicago (Register Interest)

More locations coming soon!

(Register your interest for these events now, and we will let you know in advance when details are confirmed and tickets become available. Space will be limited, so register now to be sure of your place!)

Those who have been involved in the mind mapping world for a long time know that the idea of a 'mapping conference' has popped up repeatedly, and yet failed to really get off the ground, often through no fault of those intrepid souls who wanted to try! We believe we can put something together that creates an environment for genuine collaboration and innovation in mapping, but we need the help of every single Biggerplate community member to make this project a success. We hope you will support these events by tweeting about them (#bpun), sharing them on social networks, and (most importantly) coming along to an event when we're in your area! Please help us to build a truly community-driven events program that delivers real value and innovation to the mind mapping world!

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Barney is Community Manager at Biggerplate and shares user stories, mind mapping tips, and other news and updates from our global member community!
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