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Biggerplate Unplugged, London: Full Agenda!

With Biggerplate Unplugged - the Annual Mind Map Conference - returning to London later this week, we're taking a look at the full speaking line up for the day!

Liam Hughes - Liam (Biggerplate) will discuss the first two years of Biggerplate Unplugged, and explore what we have learned about the mind mapping community through these events, and what comes next!

Craig Scott - Craig (iThoughts) will talk about how his customers tend to use the tools he develops, and how this influences the development of new features and functionality.

Sharon Curry - Sharon (Fathomicity) will draw upon her extensive experience of mapping in military, business, educational, charitable and civil service environments both in the UK and abroad to show organisations are 'mapping' into their most powerful and important resource. Their people.

Jamie MacDonald - Jamie (MindGenius) will share a few insights into some of the barriers to effectiveness at work, and highlights how business mind mapping acts as the 'pain relief' and catalyst for a more effective and productive way of working.

Raag Hazarika - Raag (MindJet) will explore key areas for potential mind mapping usage, including project management, visual information dashboards, personal productivity, strategy and business planning, brainstorming, and problem solving.

Mikko Arevuo - Mikko (Regent's University) will discuss how maps as epistemic objects can help decision-makers to make sense of complex problems and improve the quality of decision-making processes.

Norman McBrien - Norman (ExamTime) will discuss how students and teachers are using mind maps in conjunction with other online tools to create memorable learning experiences.

David Svoboda - David (Intel & ThinkBuzan) will share his personal experience of how the use of Mind Mapping software can give a presentation greater impact.

Sergey Soloviev - Sergey will illustrate the activities seen on every digital project where digital professionals exploit structure to reduce risk and explain why mind mapping software does the job better than other tools.

Madeleine Philippe - Madeleine (Maptelling) will discuss how maps empower her students to learn, think, and communicate. How digital (and less digital) natives adopt these tools, and how they contribute to building skills for modern business.

There is still time to snap up one of the few remaining tickets and join us as the Annual Mind Map Conference returns to London. Don't forget: BPUN won't return to Europe until 2017, so don't miss out! Join the discussion on Twitter using the hashtag #BPUN.

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