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Biggerplate Unplugged: 2015 and beyond!

Did you know... in 2012 there was no such thing as a mind mapping conference...?

In 2015, Biggerplate Unplugged has become firmly established as the must-attend conference for mind mappers around the world, having visited 5 great global cities in just two years since launching in 2013!

We have learned a great deal through the #BPUN series so far, and we are now looking to build upon the success of the series by developing an even more ambitious and far-reaching portfolio of events for mind mappers around the world!

Here’s an outline of what we’re planning:

Biggerplate Unplugged: Annual Cycle

Biggerplate Unplugged will now become an annual, once a year conference, starting this year with the London event (March 19th), which will be followed by events in New York in 2016, and Brussels in 2017. Further details for each event will now be released approximately one year in advance.

Having worked hard to establish the #BPUN conference in the minds of mappers through a busy two year launch schedule, the switch to an annual cycle will not only allow us to be more ambitious with each event, but also provide our community with a more predictable conference calendar, which will help to further grow the fantastic attendance at these flagship events!

  • Biggerplate Unplugged: London March 2015

  • Biggerplate Unplugged: New York March 2016

  • Biggerplate Unplugged: Brussels March/April 2017

Smaller, Regional Events

We have learned from the last two years that not everyone can make our conference events, either due to cost, time, or pure logistics. We also know that in regions where our community and network are less developed, it is simply impossible for us to justify the expense and time required to host a full Biggerplate Unplugged conference. However, we believe it is vital that these regional mind mapping communities have opportunities to connect and collaborate in person through Biggerplate events, so we’re working on another plan!

Moving Biggerplate Unplugged to an annual cycle will mean we now have more time and resources available for the creation of several smaller, shorter, regional mind mapping events throughout the year, and around the world!

The regional events series will be launched and explained in greater detail at the upcoming #BPUN conference in London, but the overall aim is to provide more regular opportunities for you to connect with the Biggerplate team and other mind mappers in your region through small, informal, and interactive events that will bring further focus to the exploration and understanding of mind mapping as the missing link in business and education!

Extensive Google Hangout Schedule

The final piece in our events strategy is the continuation and expansion of our Google Hangout series, which provides a great (free) mechanism for mappers from around the world to connect through real-time video calls hosted by Biggerplate using Google+

After much experimentation in 2014, you can expect to see a great selection of online hangouts scheduled in 2015 to cover a huge range of mind mapping related topics:

Biggerplate Town Hall Hangout: 11th Feb 2015

Join Biggerplate founder Liam Hughes as he talks through key projects and progress at Biggerplate, and answers your questions! View Details

MindMeister Q & A: 19th Feb 2015

Join us as we speak with MindMeister founder Michael Hollauf aboutdevelopments and innovation at MeisterLabs! View details

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Liam is the founder of, and tries (with varying success) to write about key projects and progress at Biggerplate, as well as the wider world of mind mapping and our place within it.
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