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Biggerplate & iMindMap 5

I am personally absolutely thrilled to have recently added iMindMap 5 to Biggerplate, which means iMindMap users can now add their maps to the site for others to view and download! Try it Now!

This is a very big addition to Biggerplate, and another firm indication that the new version of our site (launched in March 2011) is really going to be pushing forward and constantly improving for the benefit of our members, and the wider mind mapping community.

We will be posting a full review of iMindMap 5 soon, so I will not go into too much product detail here, but instead I wanted to give you an idea of why I am so excited to be adding iMindMap 5 to Biggerplate, and to be working with the team from ThinkBuzan.

Those of you who have seen my launch announcement video (view here) will know that I was fortunate enough to have been invited by ThinkBuzan to learn about their business and iMindMap 5 at one of their fantastic training courses in Dubai. Over the course of 5 days, there were essentially 3 things that left me in absolutley no doubt that iMindMap would be a fantastic addition to Biggerplate.

The Software: Put simply; iMindMap 5 is not like anything else out there. The natural, organic style of map is truly unique, and the technical complexity behind this mapping style and seemingly simple interface is quite astonishing. The user experience feels seemless, and the ability to create maps that truly feel like they have been hand-drawn in some way, is incredibly powerful. Learn More.

The ThinkBuzan Team: It is always refreshing to meet people who love what they do, and even better when those people can raise the same level of enthusiasm in others.

Training delivered by Emily and Owen combined exensive product knowledge with an extremely approachable and empathetic style that helped both experts and amateurs (me) get to grips with iMindMap quickly, and in a way that made it contextually relevant to thier respective worlds.

Brian Lee (Chairman of ThinkBuzan) provided humour, gravitas, and eloquence in equal measure, and was an absolute pleasure to engage with. As a member of his family will soon be attending my old school, it is safe to say he has also has good taste too...

Tony Buzan spoke of his passion and vision for 'Global Mental Literacy' with an energy that left no doubt in the minds of those in attendance that the greatest challenge and opportunity in the contemporary world is enabling everyone to harness the true potential of their brain.

CEO Chris Griffiths is perhaps the epitome of a man on a mission! His focus on getting iMindMap 5 "right" is not only admirable, but clearly effective, as demonstrated by the quality of the new software release. Chris is passionate about building upon the legacy of Tony, but is also making a contribution to the mind mapping mission that perhaps even he does not quite know the value of yet. This is demonstrated best by the fact that you can now get a free version of iMindMap 5, which is a huge step for a commercial organisation to take, but one that Chris is utterly commited to. Learn More.

ThinkBuzan then, is a group with whom Biggerplate can have a productive, collaborative, and enjoyable long-term relationship, and this will surely benefit mind map users all over the world!

The iMindMap Users: In attending the Dubai workshop, I was delighted to meet a mix of experienced and new iMindMap users, who were all seeking to learn about iMindMap 5 and put it into use in their respective fields. The energy, ethusiasm and attitude of the group (which was comprised of around 10 different nationalities) was universally positive and gave me great reason to believe that adding iMindMap to Biggerplate would enable us to engage with an entirely new community of pro-active mind map users who can contribute to our site. My hope is that these new users will immediately begin adding their maps to Biggerplate, and help us to add to the collection of maps already shared by existing members of our community who have contributed so much already.

In conclusion: the addition of iMindMap 5 to Biggerplate is an extremely positive step, and will ensure our community will continue to grow and spread even further. Perhaps more importantly, it will mean that we can gather even more fantastic user-generated mind mapping content within our library, and help others see the immense variety of ways in which mind mapping can be used!

I encourage all our existing users to continue adding maps to the site, and I invite our new iMindMap users to try adding some of their own maps to the library as soon as possible! Try it Now!

Liam Hughes
Founder: Biggerlate

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