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Biggerplate Brunch Club launching this month!

Those of you who have been paying close attention over the last few months, either through our regular Town Hall Hangout calls, or by joining us at Biggerplate Unplugged London, will surely now know all about the new Biggerplate Brunch Club, which is officially launching later this month in Amsterdam on May 27!

No idea what we're talking about? Ok, read on...

In this year's Annual Mind Map Report we outlined ambitious plans to further develop our events portfolio to provide more opportunities for members of our community to engage directly with Biggerplate, and each other, through a more regular and varied mixture of online and offline events.

As the Biggerplate Unplugged conference series settles into a more orderly annual cycle (check out New York 2016...), we have been working away on the creation of a regular calendar of free online 'hangouts', and, perhaps more ambitiously, a regular series of small brunch meetings in key locations around the world... affectionately known as the Biggerplate Brunch Club!

This month we are launching the first ever Brunch Club meeting in Amsterdam, and will be following this with a regular calendar of meetings in key cities around the world over the coming year. If there's an active mind mapping community in your city - you'll probably be seeing us soon...

What is the purpose?

The aim of the Brunch Club is to create more regular opportunities for regional engagement and collaboration with our members. We want to create more chances for our members to get together and share ideas, without having to wait for the Biggerplate Unplugged conference to come to town. The Brunch Club will enable us to create regular meeting opportunities for our community members, and perhaps reach new areas where the conference has not yet ventured. We think this new approach will allow us to further build regional collaborations with mind mappers, and we're so excited to hit the road!

What is the format?

Brunch Club meetings will be small gatherings of up to 12 people. We will get together at 10:00 am, with some tasty brunch food provided. We'll give attendees a short overview of key projects and progress at, then open up the remainder of the meeting for interactive discussion, including time for general feedback, and exploration of new ideas and opportunities. The meetings will conclude by 12:00, and hopefully provide a great opportunity for us to learn more about the local mind mapping communities in different areas, and explore ways that we can collaborate and innovate to drive greater mind mapping adoption in the region.
These meetings are free of charge, but space is extremely limited (maximum 12 people) so we expect each meeting to fill up quick!

Who is it for?

If you are a member of, then the Brunch Club is open to you! Since space is strictly limited, we will be giving preference to members of our community who are actively sharing mind maps, but other than that, it's an open invitation to anyone who has an interest in shaping the future of and the mind mapping world in general.

Where and when?

The first Brunch Club meetings will take place in Amsterdam, and Paris, with further dates and locations to be announced soon.

28 May 2015

18 June 2015

The Brunch Club will break over the summer (July and August) then return in September, with a number of additional meeting dates and locations!

Keep an eye on to see when the Brunch Club is in your part of the world!


Would you like to see the Brunch Club in your city? Why not drop us an email and let us know where you are! If we can find enough Biggerplate members in your region, then a Brunch Club meeting could be a possibility!

Tweet us about the Brunch Club using the tag #BPBrunch

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