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Biggerplate 2012: Our Roadmap

We've achieved a fair bit in 2011... We rebuilt our entire website from scratch, more than doubled our member population, and established ourselves as the leading online mind map library according to several trusted experts!

We set ourselves numerous targets for 2011, but the two main goals were as follows:

Reach 2,000 maps in the library.

Reach 25,000 registered members.

I'm delighted to say that we have hit both these goals, and are feeling rather pleased with ourselves.

But we're not done yet...

2012 is going to be another big year for us, and I thought it might be interesting to outline some of our plans for 2012. If you have any thoughts, feedback, comments, or suggestions, I hope you will take a minute to share them either publicly (on this blog) or privately by contacting me directly.

There's no particular order to the following points, but it should give you an overall picture of some of the things to come... Some of it anyway... We can't be giving all the secrets away!

Groups: We had hoped to have this up and running by now, but someone opened the christmas egg nog early and everything seemed to get delayed a little. We're sure you understand...

This great new feature will enable you to create your own little slice of land on Biggerplate that's focused on a particular topic of interest, then gather people and maps related to that topic all in one place. For example, you might want to create a group that's focused on "Mind Maps for Software Testing", and have a group pool that contains maps that are particularly relevant to this subject. Other users can then join this group and help gather together a collection of maps on this subject, and join discussion about the use/application of mapping in relation to the topic. Start thinking about your groups now, it's coming soon!

Tutorials: Long-time users of Biggerplate may remember that we used to have a section on the website for mind mapping tutorials. They may also remember that it was a bit rubbish! Soon however, we will begin building a brand spanking new tutorials section that will help mind mapping novices and experts alike to improve their skills. The experts within the Biggerplate Partner Network are kindly helping us to plan this section, so you can be confident that it will be full of great stuff to help you become a mind mapping ninja in no time!

Biggerplate Training: Released upon the world in 2012 will be a range of training products from Biggerplate intended to help organisations large and small to get to grips with mind mapping in their organisation. We have helped numerous individuals and organisations in this area over the years with training on request, and we thought it was about time we turned this into something that's available to everyone! Launching in early 2012 will be the following training programs from Biggerplate:

Mind Mapping for Marketers

Mind Mapping for Innovation

Mind Mapping for Strategic Planning

If you can't wait until then, please feel free to contact us in advance at and we can give you some details. We are a global community and our training will be global too. Wherever you are in the world, whatever the budget, we've probably got something that can help! We are Biggerplate after all... we're just a little bit different.

The Biggerplate League: Well... We don't want to give it all away. But put it this way, you may want to start uploading a few maps in advance...

In conclusion...

We have had a great year, and it has been driven by the continued support and contribution of our members, and we therefore have a huge thank you to say to you all. Our aim is simple: "to be the best source of mind mapping content and community in the world". You have all helped us move closer to this goal by uploading maps, tweeting about us, giving us feedback, helping us test things, and generally being friendly, interesting, open-minded and collaborative people!

2012 is going to be very exciting, and we hope you will all continue to support us as we seek to reach 50,000 members and 5,000 maps by next Christmas. As always, the best thing you can do for us is to upload a map or two, it makes a huge difference!

I would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas, and the very best for an exciting and prosperous 2012!

Liam Hughes
Founder: Biggerplate

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Liam is the founder of, and tries (with varying success) to write about key projects and progress at Biggerplate, as well as the wider world of mind mapping and our place within it.
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