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Biggerplate Rewards: Tips

If you're part of the Biggerplate Rewards program, then you may be trying to think of ways to maximise your revenue by sharing your discount code as effectively as possible.

On this page, we've gathered (and will continue to add) tips and advice to help you!

Start with your known network

Before you try and share your rewards code with the entire world, try starting with the most logical group: Your existing network. Remember, these people are likely to be much more receptive to your recommendation, and will thank you if you help them get reduced price access to a great resource!

Linked is a great place to start, as this is a professional platform for business people who are more likely to be interested in the Business Club and other resources on offer at Biggerplate.

Promote Business Club Webinars

Pay attention to the Webinars section of the Business Club, as this is the content that attracts most people. If you see webinars that you think will interest your network, then share the webinars page, and encourage people to sign up to view the webinar (and remember to provide your rewards code).

Providing training workshops?

If you are a mind map trainer and running workshops for people who want to learn mind mapping, then it's a great idea to share your discount code with your workshop participants. It looks good for you to provide this extra (discounted) value, and you will also be helping them to further develop their learning using the Business Club resources.