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Introducing Biggerplate Rewards!

Are you an active member of Biggerplate? Are you sharing great mind maps and encouraging people to join our global mind mapping community? Well, we think it's time you got your rewards...!

Introducing Biggerplate Rewards

We are very excited to announce the launch of Biggerplate Rewards - a simple referral program that enables you to earn real money simply by telling people about the great resources that are available at Biggerplate!

How does it work?

We create a unique discount code for you to share with your network, and you earn revenue any time someone upgrades their Biggerplate membership using your unique discount code!

It goes like this...

  1. You apply to join our rewards program, and your application is accepted.

  2. We create a unique code for you (like YOURNAME10) that gives people $10 off the price of annual Business Club membership if they apply the code during the upgrade process (normal price $29 per year)

  3. You encourage people to check out the great resources at using your social media profiles, professional network, website etc, and don't forget to mention that your unique code gives them a discount on Business Club membership if they choose to upgrade!

  4. Each month, we'll add up the total number of people who upgraded using your discount code, and then send you your reward payment via paypal or other payment channels!

It's a win-win-win: We get new people discovering and joining Biggerplate (win for us). Your network finds a great new resource, AND gets discounted Business Club membership (win for them). You earn money simply by recommending a resource that you already enjoy (win for you!)

How much can I earn?

Your reward earnings are based on your membership level at Biggerplate:

  • Business Club members: Earn $3 per upgrade.
  • Basic members: Earn $2 per upgrade

(Obvious Tip: Join the Business Club, and you'll earn more!)

How do I share my code?

You can share your discount code in public, and as widely as you like. We encourage you to share on your website, blog, social media, and directly with your network of colleagues, customers, and partners. Check out our Tips page for ideas on how to spread your reward code further.

Who's eligible?

If you have a registered Biggerplate account, and have shared at least 3 mind maps with our community, then you are eligible to join the Rewards program.

Next Steps

If you would like to join the Biggerplate Rewards Program, then you need to complete the following application form: Application Form

Once we have your details, a member of our team will contact you to set up the next steps!

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