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Biggerplate Mind Mapping Meetup -Update !

Building on the success of our Brunch Club community meetings over the last 2 years, we have launched the next evolution of member events aimed at helping our community to connect and collaborate more easily, more regularly and more locally!

Using the popular platform, this new initiative aims to encourage networking and knowledge sharing within regional mind mapping communities, by giving our members the means to self-organise small events/meetings in their local region.

Currently running as a trial in 5 cities, this project aims to help our community members create and grow local chapters of mind mappers, supported by the team at Biggerplate!

Last month, I was lucky enough to go back to Paris to co-host our second Paris Meetup: Mind Maps and Wine!

The week was pretty busy, as I also attended two other Meetup events on behalf of Biggerplate. One of the things I love about our new Meetup project is that as a Business we are able to promote, support, host and organise these Meetups. Therefore, I made the most of a week in Paris to do exactly that! I had a lot of fun learning about other mapping enthusiasts in my favourite European City ( well, who am I kidding... my second home!), Paris.

I kicked off the week by hosting my first (French!) Mind Mapping workshop for Co-Entreprendre 78, where I demonstrated the uses and benefits of mind mapping in a variety of contexts. The project Co-Entreprendre 78 is a group of entrepreneurs and independent professionals who meet to network, share ideas, experiment, discover new practices and generally help each other out in the business world. See the photos here.

The group SWOT Analysis was certainly the best moment of the evening, bringing collaborative mind mapping and participant interaction together in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The evening was delightful, and the networking apéro at the end was very valuable.

The next evening event was Biggerplate's very own Meetup, co-hosted by the wonderful Franco Masucci in the heart of Paris. We had hired a room in a lively bar, with a projector screen and of course some nice French wine! Software Engineer Philippe Lewin gave a fantastic and interesting presentation about "Connecting Mind Maps". As a regular user of mind maps, he dreams of finding a way to get mind mapping software to speak to each other and connect on new levels. His presention was insighful and sparked interesting discussion.

The week ended with a bang as I attended the successful Cartocamp Paris Meetup. This is a regular Meetup group for those interested in all cartography and map projects, who meet to have some beers, pizza, and fun! As one of three presenters, I was honoured to get up and present Biggerplate to a room full of cartography enthusiasts.

Overall, I would say that the week was a huge success. I hope the Meetup events contributed to the growth of our ever-gexpanding French community and that we see some new French mind maps on our library from these interesting mappers!

We owe a huge thanks to our mind mapping community for making such events possible, without your enthusiasm and contributions these wouldn't be possible!

With expansion of the Meetup trial planned in the first half of 2017, be sure to check if your city has been added to the system!

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