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Biggerplate Mind Mapping-

We started our networking and knowledge sharing events (Brunch Clubs) with the idea that Biggerplate should try to help more mappers to meet in person to discuss experiences and share ideas.

Our Biggerplate Unplugged events are equally a great example of this idea in action, but we think there is more to be done!

While our Brunch Clubs are always successful and beneficial (let's face it, who doesn't love free pastries?!), and although we'd like to play a part in encouraging and supporting people to meet up in the real world, we don't think it should be something that is 'owned' or organised by us. We have been scratching our heads trying to come up with a solution for 2017, and we think we may have found one... so we're currently trialling a new initiative to enable mappers to organise their own meetups around the world!

Through, we have created an account which enables us to promote, support, host and organise Meetups around the world- without us having to be present (although I am sure you'd love to see Liam's pretty face more often). We are in the process of creating a leadership team of dedicated Biggerplate Mind Mappers to help us in organising Mind Mapping Meetups.

Under the Account 'Biggerplate Mind Mapping' we have so far set up 3 chapters around the world:




What's great, is that ANYONE can suggest or host a Mind Mapping Meetup through one of the above chapters. It's perfect for our enthusiastic members who are full of great ideas for Mind Mapping events!

We hope some of our users will find this as cool as we do! So why not take a look and perhaps create a free-to-attend mind mapping meetup in a coffee shop or bar near you!

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