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Biggerplate Annual Report 2017 is now LIVE!

It's time to share your feedback and shape the future of mind mapping, with the return of our Annual Mind Map Survey!

Take the Survey: Click Here

Last year over 1,100 mind mappers from around the world told us how they were using mind maps, and the results were compiled and published in our Annual Mind Map Report 2016 which has proven invaluable in shaping strategy at Biggerplate, and highly popular among our community members!

This year we want to get more people involved than ever before, so we can provide the best possible insight into the current state of the mind mapping world! With all that we have accomplished this year, and with ongoing projects advancing all the time, we really encourage our community to give us their feedback and ideas.

Take the survey today, and don't forget to tell your mind mapping colleagues about it!

Share your insights now!

To make life easier, the survey should not take more than 10 minutes to complete! And don't forget, you have the chance to vote for your favourite mind mapping software of the year, AND to win one of three $100 Amazon Vouchers!

Stay tuned for the Annual Report 2017, where you can find out which mind mapping software came out on top in the vote for 'Mind Mapper's Choice Award' 2017...!

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