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Biggerplate Annual Report 2017: Now Available!

We're delighted to announce the publication of our 2017 Annual Report, which is now available to download (for free) from Biggerplate HERE: View Report

Now in its 4th year, our Annual Report gives us a chance to share some perspectives on key projects and progress at Biggerplate, both from the year just gone, and the year ahead. The report also shares key results from our Global Survey, which was completed by more than 900 mind mappers this year! You can also see which mind mapping software was voted "Mind Mapper's Choice for 2017" in the community vote this year...! View the results

Our hope (as always) is that the Annual Report serves to keep our community members informed about the strategic focus and direction at Biggerplate, and also serves as a conversation starter for the wider mind mapping community.

The 2017 Report will hopefully serve both these purposes well, and we have also worked hard to make the report easier than ever to digest than ever before, with a greater emphasis on graphics, and a significant reduction in the volume of text. I hope you will take a moment to review the report, and (even better) let us know what you think about the results and revelations!

This year we plan to make more of the Annual Survey results than ever before, both through additional mini-reports, and also through additional articles here on this blog. Your feedback and engagement with all of the above will help us to ensure we make this ongoing research and reporting as relevant and useful for the mind mapping community as possible.

Thank you to all those who took part in the survey this year!

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