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iMindMap wins Mind mappper's choice award 2016!

After votes from more than 1,000 mind mappers from around the world, we're delighted to announce that our friends at iMindMap have been voted the Mind Mapper's Choice for software in 2016!

This important award (part of the Annual Mind Map Report 2016) recognises the best mind mapping software in the market, and this year iMindMap tops the rankings with more than 26% of the votes!

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Achieving top spot in 2016 (after finishing in the top 3 for the previous two years) represents fantastic recognition of several years of innovation and improvement from the Cardiff-based iMindMap team, led by Chris Griffiths (third from left in photo). Survey participants noted the unique and creative additions to the software, and the continuous product improvements in successive versions... and we could not agree more!

iMindMap has evolved consistently and creatively over the last few years, and the latest update (version 9) once again pushed boundaries to enable users to think and work in visually engaging ways, with the mind map (of course) at the heart of this. We send our huge congratulations to the team at iMindMap, and wish them every success in building on their achievement this year... we can't wait to see what they come up with next!


There's an important note here: Unlike other 'best mind map software' articles out there (compiled hastily by journalists or bloggers with little practical experience of mind mapping), this ranking is based on the opinions of more than 1,100 people around the world who are actually using mind mapping software. We think this is the most useful indicator of which are the best mind mapping choices around... and that's why we call it the 'Mind Mapper's Choice'. This is the clear voice of the global mind mapping community, and we congratulate iMindMap on finishing top of the pile in 2016, and all those that made it into the Top 10 this year!

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