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Liam Hughes
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Liam is the founder of, and tries (with varying success) to write about key projects and progress at Biggerplate, as well as the wider world of mind mapping and our place within it.

iMindQ Online Taking Bold New Steps!

Our friends at iMindQ have been busy with some exciting new releases including iMindQ Online; giving you a simple, intuitive means to build and share mind maps online!

As more and more of our software tools (and life in general) moves into the cloud, it's great to see mind mapping software players innovating in this space, and the team at

Where is the image pack I purchased?

If you have purchased some of our great Image Packs for your mind maps, but can't find the packs you've purchased, there's a couple of things to do:

Check the 'downloads' area within your web browser

Within most browsers, once the payment transaction is complete the image pack files will automatically download within your web browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari,