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Women in mind mapping?

Our Annual Mind Map Survey is currently live and collecting perspectives from mind mappers around the world, and already we're seeing some interesting trends emerging, including an 80/20 Male/Female split in participants for the third year running... so what's that all about?

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While the Annual Survey is open until the end of January, we're already starting to see some patterns and results emerging, including a heavy male bias in the participant profile for the third year running. Both our 2014, and 2015 reports showed just 20% of participants were women, and with over 1,000 people taking part, this result seemed significant. (See our 2015 report here).

No doubt we'll look at this topic further in the final 2016 Report (due for publication in February) but I thought it might be interesting to raise the topic here, to see if anyone has any views on the trend? Perhaps it may also help to encourage a few more of our female members to participate in the survey!

Here's an interesting thing: Our website analytics for Biggerplate suggests that the demographic split of people visiting our website is almost exactly 50-50. So why is the survey participation so heavily slanted one way?!

We don't have any answers. But we have a few questions, and of course, we're interested to hear your views (male or female) in the comments below!

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