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Annual Mind Map Report: What type of professionals use mind maps?

In this blog post we'll be looking at one question in particular from our Annual Survey that always interests us and (we think) provides us with an interesting insight into the kind of people that use mind maps and how they might be doing so.

A key objective for our Annual Survey and Report is to help understand where mind mapping is being used, in what sort of roles, and for what sort of tasks. To help us understand what type of people are using mind mapping, we asked participants to write their job titles, which we then used to generate the word cloud at the top of this post, which shows the top 100 words used.

The prominence of words like 'Manager' and 'Director' gives an interesting insight into the type of people using mind mapping tools. When combined with the age profile of our Annual Survey participants (over 50% falling into the 'Over 50' bracket), there is a suggestion that mind mapping tools become more useful and relevant as you take on more managerial responsibility through your natural career progression.

As knowledge workers (that’s most of us) move into management or director-level roles, the complexity of work and volume of information we need to handle increases greatly, as does the number of projects that we are expected to manage at any one time. In such circumstances, tools like mind mapping can help hugely with the management of information and projects. As such, perhaps it is unsurprising to see so many people at this more senior level using mind maps in some form.

The evidence of three years of surveying the mind mapping population is that mind mapping tools are heavily employed and replied upon by those in management roles. (See our 2014 Annual Report, and our 2015 Annual Report for further validation of this).

In many ways this should be a clear and encouraging signal to all those working in the world of mind mapping, and (perhaps) in particular our friends working hard to create
powerful mind mapping software and applications. The explicit message is this: you have created (and continue to develop) an essential management tool for the modern world!

To see more of the fascinating insights provided by our 1,100 survey participants, download the full 2016 Annual Mind Map Report!

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