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Amazing line-up for Berlin mind map conference!

We're getting ever closer to the next Biggerplate Unplugged mind map conference, taking place in Berlin on 16 October, and which will soon be upon us faster than you can say "ich liebe Deutschland"!

The Berlin conference looks to be our most international gathering of mind mappers to date, with confirmed speakers and attendees coming from the UK, the Netherlands, Poland, France, Austria, and even South Africa! Not to mention a great selection of experts and mind map users from the local German community! It looks like a great gathering already, and with only a few weeks to go, we're delighted to confirm a fantastic line-up of speakers and sessions for the next #BPUN instalment!

Take a look at some of the names and faces that you can expect to hear from in Berlin, and then act fast to get your ticket for this exciting event!

Confirmed for #BPUN Berlin:

Liam Hughes (Biggerplate) - The Home of Mind Mapping?

Biggerplate founder Liam Hughes will outline how innovation and investment at is aimed at creating a genuine home for mind mapping online. Liam will discuss the challenges that come with trying to achieve this goal, and why we think this objective is essential for the overall success and adoption of mind mapping.

Jamie MacDonald (MindGenius) - Details to follow...

Raphaela Brandner (MindMeister) - Where do we go from here?

MindMeister's Marketing Manager, Raphaela talks about developments at MindMeister, and explores what the future may hold for online mind mapping, and how we can bring the mind map experience to the next level.

Lucas Calabro (Mindjet) - Difference between Mind Mapping, and Business Mapping

Mindjet's international presales consultant will show a variety of innovative use cases for mind mapping in business applications. From first idea visualisation up to a professional project management tool, Lucas will give examples for Business mapping in complex processes, and demonstrate ways of combining existing enterprise structures with new and best practices.

Christian Foltin (Freemind) - Open source mind mapping: The goals of Freemind

In this presentation, Christian will outline both the history and future of Freemind as an open source mind mapping tool, and discuss the key goals and challenges facing an open source project of this type. Featuring use cases, and a discussion of the Open Source limitations, Christian will provide an invaluable insight into the fascinating world of open source mind mapping.

Marion Lercher (Lerchertrain) - MindCooking - A visual approach to cooking!

In this pre-lunch session, Marion will show how easy cooking can be when recipes are written in the form of a mind map! Taking the traditional recipe approach and turning it into a mind map, Marion will show how MindCooking can be used to easily prepare classic recipes!

Wojciech Korsak (Explorer Consulting) - Details to follow...

Jeroen Grit (GriDD Consultancy) - Managing stakeholder input using mind maps

In this presentation, user experience expert Jeroen will present a method for translating ideas to tangible requirements within a mind map, based on his own experience of managing large internet projects in multinational companies with numerous stakeholders and inputs. Jeroen will show how mind maps help to keep information in context, whilst providing both detail and big picture viewpoints.

Faizel Mohidin (Using Mind Maps Magazine) - The evolution of Using Mind Maps Magazine

How changes in social, technological, and economic forces are influencing people's behaviour online, making it possible to reach and teach everyone, even in the remotest and poorest areas. This presentation will focus on the Mobile Revolution and how you can take advantage of this.

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